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A Guide to Making Your Holiday Home Pet-Friendly

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

If you're a holiday homeowner, you may be wondering how to make your property more appealing to pet owners. With the rising popularity of staycations in the UK and the high costs of pet-sitting, allowing guests to bring their furry friends can be a smart business move. However, it also presents some challenges in terms of cleanliness and maintenance. In this post, we'll share our top tips for making your holiday home pet-friendly while keeping it in pristine condition.

Know Your Target Audience

Before making any changes to your holiday home, it's essential to know your target audience. What type of guests do you typically attract?

Are they families with children or couples looking for a romantic getaway? Knowing who you're catering to will help you determine what pet-friendly amenities you should offer. For example, families may appreciate a fenced yard or nearby park, while couples may prefer a cosy indoor space for their furry friend.

Additionally, consider the size and breed of dogs most likely to stay in your holiday home. Larger breeds may need more space and exercise, while smaller breeds may be more prone to accidents indoors. Keep these factors in mind when designing your pet-friendly space.

Finally, be sure to advertise your pet-friendly policy on your website and booking platforms to attract pet owners specifically looking for accommodation that welcomes their pets.

Invest in Pet-Friendly Furnishings

One of the biggest concerns with allowing pets in your holiday home is damage to furnishings. However, investing in pet-friendly furnishings can alleviate some of these worries. Look for materials that are more durable and easier to clean, such as leather or microfiber sofas, hardwood or tile floors, and washable bedding. You can also supply pet-specific amenities such as water and food bowls, poop bags, and toys to make your guests' stay more comfortable.

Another possibility is to provide furniture covers or throws that can be easily removed and washed between guests. This will not only protect your furnishings but also give your guests peace of mind that their pet won't cause any damage.

Overall, investing in pet-friendly furnishings may cost more initially but will save you money in the long run by reducing the need for costly repairs or replacements.

Implement a Cleaning Routine

Cleaning is a crucial aspect of keeping a pet-friendly holiday home. Even the most well-behaved pets can shed hair, create messes, and leave behind doors. To keep your home looking and smelling fresh, it's essential to implement a cleaning routine that addresses pet-related issues.

Start by vacuuming and sweeping floors, furniture, and rugs often. Use a lint roller or pet hairbrush to remove hair from surfaces. Mop hard floors with a pet-safe cleaner to remove any stains or doors. Wash bedding and throws regularly to keep them fresh.

You may also want to invest in a high-quality air purifier to remove any lingering pet doors. Additionally, consider using door-neutralizing products such as baking soda or vinegar to eliminate any stubborn smells.

Outdoor Space

Many pet owners prefer holiday homes that offer outdoor space for their furry friends. A fenced backyard or patio can supply a safe space for dogs to play and exercise. If you don't have a yard, consider providing information on nearby parks, trails, or dog-friendly beaches where guests can take their pets for a walk or swim.

You can also supply outdoor amenities such as water bowls, toys, and waste bags to make your guests' outdoor experience more enjoyable.

Set Rules and Expectations

To ensure a positive experience for both guests and their pets, it's essential to set clear rules and expectations. Include a pet policy in your booking agreement that outlines what pets are allowed, any size or breed restrictions, and any added fees or deposits needed.

You may also want to provide a list of house rules specifically for pets, such as no pets on furniture or no unattended pets. Be sure to communicate these rules clearly to your guests before their arrival to avoid any misunderstandings.

Consider Pet-Friendly Activities

Part of the appeal of a pet-friendly holiday home is the opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities with your furry friend. Consider supplying information on local pet-friendly activities such as hiking trails, dog parks, or pet-friendly cafes where guests can bring their pets.

You can also provide amenities such as bicycles with pet carriers, kayaks or canoes, or even a pet-friendly boat rental. These extra touches can make your holiday home stand out and attract more pet-owning guests.

Supply Emergency Contact Information

In case of an emergency, it's important to provide your guests with contact information for local veterinarians, pet hospitals, and emergency services. You may also want to consider supplying a list of local pet sitters or dog walkers in case your guests need to leave their pets alone for an extended period.

By providing this information upfront, you can give your guests peace of mind and show that you care about their pet's safety and well-being.


With the rising popularity of staycations and the high costs of pet-sitting, making your holiday home pet-friendly can be a smart business move. However, it's important to take steps to ensure your property remains in excellent condition while accommodating furry guests. By investing in pet-friendly furnishings, implementing a cleaning routine, supplying outdoor space, setting rules and expectations, and offering pet-friendly activities, you can create a welcoming environment for both guests and their pets.

Additional Tips

Here are some added quick tips for making your holiday home pet-friendly:

  • Provide a welcome basket for pets with treats and toys

  • Have a designated area for pets to dry off after outdoor activities

  • Consider providing a pet gate or crate for guests who prefer to keep their pets contained.

  • Offer a pet-friendly hotline or concierge service for guests with questions or concerns

  • Consider partnering with local pet-related businesses for discounts or promotions

Don't let the hassle of being a pet-friendly holiday home host hold you back from enjoying the lifestyle you've always dreamed of. Call Changeovers Plus today and start experiencing the benefits of hassle-free holiday home ownership.

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